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policy matters: samantha rogers

Earlier this year, I was asked by The Philanthropist 'What current election issues might impact your work?' This was a great question, and to be honest, I hadn't stopped to really think about it. When I did take a moment, it hit me like a tonne of bricks: sport funding!

I’m always concerned about sport funding. I believe there is mixed messaging — on one hand we preach the importance of health (both physical and mental), inclusion, diversity, childhood obesity, care for our aging population, skill development, and empowering women and girls, but on the other hand, sport organizations that directly contribute to positive outcomes in these areas are increasingly fighting for smaller and smaller pieces of the same government funding pie. We are failing sports in Canada. The lack of resources, talent, access, programming, and support in the sport system is leading our country down a path of unsustainability, and the organizations that will suffer the most are the ones with greatest impact on our communities.

To read more on the topic and hear what 37 other industry leaders had to say, please see the full piece at The Philanthropist ​here.

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