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college sweethearts - our #myhumberstory

Back at our 2009 graduation, had anyone told us that within 10 years we would be building a business – much less one focused on sport philanthropy – we’d have said you’re crazy. Yet here we sit, as Relate Social Capital is about to turn three, sharing how meeting at Humber has led us down that exact path.

Last spring, we were approached by the Humber Advancement and Alumni team and asked if we’d be willing to share our #MyHumberStory. Often alumni offices track love stories – couples that met and fell in love at school – and in this case, they were interested in how we met and started a business. We met at Humber in the Fundraising Management postgrad, became fast friends, supported each other throughout our mutual careers, moves, relationships and everything in between, always knowing that we wanted to build something different. We had been outliers at Humber (likely why we became friends) - we saw the charitable world a bit differently than most of our peers, which is essentially the foundation of Relate Social Capital.

Our backgrounds in paediatric health care, social services, health research and education led us to look at sport differently. The best practices and strategies that had always led to success were now somewhat futile in sport. This intrigued us – surely others had identified this gap in the market and had seen the opportunity?

Three years later, here we sit as the ones to have filed that gap. Here's our story.

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